About SR Industrial

All the help and guidance you need to maintain, protect and secure your business premises in Reading, Bracknell and the Thames Valley

Founded in 1979, SR Industrial provides all the help and guidance you need to maintain, protect and secure your business premises in Reading, Bracknell and the Thames Valley. Whether you are in a suite of offices, an industrial unit or a warehouse, you can rely on SR Industrial to be on hand any time you have a building-related issue.

Fast response

Thanks to our highly qualified and experienced team of building services professionals, we can give you fast-response action to get you back on track any time there’s a problem.

Energy efficient solutions

Our experience with heating, lighting and water systems means we have greater understanding of energy efficiency and other ‘green’ solutions than most other service businesses. So if your aim is to be ‘carbon neutral’, for example, we can provide all the guidance and installation expertise you need.

From replacing a broken window or door to installing a complex warehouse heating and extraction system, whenever you use SR Industrial you have complete peace of mind!

A work ethic you can rely on

We don’t supply services – we provide confidence! And it’s that thought amongst others that drives our business.

  • We understand that any ‘down-time’ of your heating, lighting, plant or machinery means ‘down-time’ for your business – and we react accordingly.
  • Our staff are highly qualified and have the experience to fix things fast.
  • We always maintain a critical eye on the energy-efficiency of any systems – and offer you our expert advice on how to improve efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Our services are always technology-led. If there’s a better way of installing something or reducing your energy usage, that’s what you’ll get.

It’s a work ethic you can rely on, whenever you call us.

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If you have an emergency – anything from a burst pipe to a broken air-con system; a broken window to a hole in the floor, we’ll be there to fix it – FAST!

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No obligation Energy Review

Think you may be wasting money because of an inefficient heating system?


If you’ve got a problem with your heating, air-conditioning, boiler or hot water system – or an essential piece of equipment has developed a fault, contact us NOW!

Energy Efficient Installations

Helping businesses can reduce their carbon footprint by specifying energy-efficient systems.

Heating, Venting & Air Conditioning

Looking for reliable and efficient heating, ventilation or air-conditioning systems for your Berkshire warehouse, factory, shop or office?