South East Plant Equipment Refurbishment Repair Replacement

This was an interesting project, remove a defective 4 way valve and replace, complicated by it being 300mm diameter, weighing 500 Kgs and in a basement.






Lovely little valve, I use that phrase loosely, it wasn’t lovely, nor little, however it was a valve and knackered.







Lift the old unit out, that sounded easy didn’t it, some other items that need to be resolved first.

Cut off 48 rusted, seized bolts to free the existing valve.

Off load lifting equipment and assemble, lift new valve off transport, lower valve into basement, 3 lifts via stairwells and ladder access.

Assemble lifting equipment in basement, lift new valve onto trolley and manhandle into position,







Lift new valve into position.






Seal joints and torque up bolts, set unit to work.