There is a lovely acronym in our business, PPM, Preventative Planned Maintenance.

An obvious statement perhaps, plan your maintenance visits to prevent failure.

It has changed over the years, some equipment has been designated as no risk to business, less planned visits with the corresponding less cost.

There is however one thing that has remained constant, plant and equipment access, if you can’t get to it, it won’t be maintained, also if you can’t access it properly, it won’t be maintained properly.

Eventually, inadequate maintenance leads to equipment failure, inadequate access also leads to longer repair down times, if you can’t get to it, you can’t repair it.

Picture this.

Install a lovely new supply & extract system in a kitchen, someone else then installs a lovely new false ceiling, the problem is that the supply filters are in the kitchen and now inaccessible without dismantling the false ceiling. False ceilings do not like being dismantled on a regular basis. Install a hatch in the false ceiling, good idea but then you have dirty filters being removed in a kitchen environment. This up sets everyone, makes the job harder and less likely to be achieved at the required frequency.

Solution:- Manufacture & install a filter box that can be access outside the building, no internal mess, no disruption, no argybargy, routine maintenance can easily be achieved.