Supply & installation of British modern technology, Stainless steel high efficiency, fully modulating condensing pre-mix floor standing boilers.

Available in 5 modules with outputs (@50/30°C) of 97, 116, 147, 196 and 254 kW. Individual boiler modules can be stacked one, two or three high in up to 15 combinations.

Fully modulating boiler which benefits from lower fuel usage and closer load matching.

Space-saving stacked module design delivering 762 kW in less than a square metre footprint.

Flexibility in system design with differential temperature up to 40°C. Lower flow rates associated with wider differential temperature allow smaller diameter pipes and smaller pumps that can lower capital cost and also lower energy consumption.

The heat exchanger is manufactured using stainless steel and backed up by with a 10 year heat exchanger warranty, making it an extremely robust boiler.

Compensate for distribution losses in large commercial heating systems with max 90°C flow temperature.

High relative velocity within the waterways helps to reduce the opportunity for sedimentation.

Enhanced sequence control options for up to 16 boiler modules

Low water content, rapid response, with ultra low standing losses.

Low environmental impact – NOx – <40mg/kWh for maximum BREEAM credits.

10 bar maximum working pressure allows installation in basement for high rise buildings

Easy access to plant room as the boiler fits through a standard doorway and can split into modules for limited access or rooftop plant rooms, as well as packaged plant rooms.

Including pumps, flue, condense pipework and all other associated items.