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South East Boiler Replacement

We needed to replace 2 elderly boilers that had come to the end of their useful working life. A significant problem was to achieve the project without losing heating and Domestic Hot Water. This was achieved by cutting in a temporary boiler supply on flexible LPHW connections, allowing the heating to be maintained whilst the works were carried out, with minimal disruption to the premises.

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Listed Building Hot & Cold Water Supplies

The history of Ufton Court can be tracked back to the Doomsday book, where it is referred to as Offetone, with land for five ploughs, forty acres of meadow and wood for one hog. What wasn’t mentioned was the poor hot & cold water systems. As with all beautiful, elderly buildings, they are not so beautiful behind the scenes.

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London & South East Radiant Heating

Possibly the most efficient way to heat large open areas, Radiant Heating. Heating like the sun, that feeling you get when you’re standing outside on a chilly day and the sun comes out from behind a cloud. The energy efficiency is gained by having an air temperature much lower than the radiant temperature, particularly useful in high buildings reducing the energy wastage in high temperatures at high level. Sports hall installations need floor protection when using access equipment. The radiant heat warms surfaces where it shines, these surfaces also radiate heat. Works extremely well in high open spaces, especially where short preheat times are needed, i.e. erratic space usage.

South East Steam Heat Exchangers

Tube & shell heat exchangers were great in their day, they enabled Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW) and Domestic Hot Water Services (DHWS) to be achieved using steam as the primary heating medium.

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Bracknell Sports & Leisure Centre

The aged toilets at the Bracknell Sports & Leisure Centre were due a refurbishment and the opportunity was taken to bring the toilets up to the current DDA / Equality Act regulations.These regulations have an inclusion for contrasting colours to be used assisting the comfort of the visually impaired. What is the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)?

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South East & Berkshire Air Handling Units

Supply and install 6 Air Handling Units with the added excitement of removing the old unit, installing the new unit and recommissioning in one week end problems. Every unit demanded different solutions, however modern day units have to conform to the stringent efficiency criteria resulting in some interesting dimensional differences.

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Amenity Pathways Building & Restoration

Inclement weather can reduce pathways to a quagmire if not suitably built, poor quality paths don’t get better just worse, reducing the customers experience and in some cases spreading mud and debris into reception buildings.Properly constructed and drained pathways will give years of customer satisfaction,

Structural Timber from Sustainable Forests

You know when you have that spring in your step, but you’re not sure why. Possibly the supports to the decking you are standing on has rotted away.With some of these projects it is not possibly to predict the extent of the works until the structural supports are exposed.Once the extent of the repairs was discovered, new concrete foundations were cast, support metalwork manufactured and structural wood supports installed prior to new decking fabrication.

Equality Act 2010 DDA Washrooms

Following on from the Ufton Court DHWS water systems post, we also installed compliant washrooms at various positions around the building, this was quite a considerable achievment. Including safe and robust sports showers with modern water usage volumes and safe water temperature control.

South East Building & Allied Trades

This project enabled us to perform most of our in-house skills.Brickwork, block paving & coping stone reinstatement & repair. Civils, office studwork, partitioning, fire doors & decoration. Air conditioning removal and reinstatement. Manufacture & fabrication or handrails and cladding.

Cure it Glass Fibre Roofing Berkshire

As with all things forming a new waterproof surface starts with a firm solid base to work from.Once this has been achieved the GRP and flashings can be built up to form a strong waterproof barrier with a 20 year guarantee We use this for both domestic & commercial projects finished in a multitude of different colours.Resulting in fast & effective method to resolve felt roof problems.