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Welcome to the building services blog from SR Industrial, leading building services business in Berkshire. This blog provides the very latest news, views and advice from our team.

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SR Industrial is an experienced building services company that offers a wide range of services to businesses and organisations across Berkshire

Amenity Pathways Building & Restoration

Amenity Pathways Building & Restoration   Inclement weather can reduce pathways to a quagmire if not suitably built, poor quality paths don't get better just worse, reducing the customers experience and in some cases spreading mud and debris into reception buildings....

South East Safe Access for Maintenance

South East Safe Access for Maintenance 3 reasons to have safe access to maintain plant and equipment. No 1 You must ensure the safety of personnel. No 2 The harder it is to access plant and equipment to carry out PPM's the less likely it will be done properly or at...

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