Yes we can tarmac the whole car park, but sometimes all you need are some isolated tarmac repairs. Taking care that a method of repair is undertaken to ensure that future deterioration of the repair is kept to a minimum and the safety of personnel & pedestrians is preserved.

One of the car park lamp posts was removed, it had become redundant and was causing an obstruction to the desired flow of traffic in the car park. Its removal left an untidy hole and unprotected electrical circuits.

The untidy hole was extended to gain a tidy edge to work up to. A clean straight edge reduces the likely hood of water ingress in the future, with the associated risks of the water freezing and bursting the substrate causing damage to the repair.

To maintain electrical continuity to the other lamp posts a joint was formed in the electrical supplies.

The wiring was protected by a sand layer cover over all the electrical circuitry and the hole back filled with layers of type one, these layers being compressed with a wacker plate, up to just below the top of the hole.

Tarmac was then compressed in as a final layer, leaving the repair flat and free from any trip hazards. Car Park lining can then be added to the flat surface as required.

These repairs can be achieved quickly and effectively, the working area needs to be isolated from pedestrians with the use of barriers, taking care not to obstruct the pedestrian traffic clearways or by forming new safe pedestrian traffic clearways. Work within active car parks also needs protection of our personnel whilst carry out the works, this is achieved by siting barriers around the works area to achieve a safe working zone within.

All these factors need to be taken into account when planning the works.